Scott Sechman
Scott Sechman

Scott Sechman began his music career 40 years ago in Virginia. Discerning listeners in Orange County seek out his performances to hear his unique takes of classic songs from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Some are familiar and some aren’t, but either way he approaches them all with feeling and soul that is nothing short of compelling.  The “schedule” link above will provide you with all the basic information you'll need to catch one of Scott’s shows. 
While you’re at it, check out Scott’s trio. They’re called Sechman, Ott & Borden (or S.O.B.  for short). Featuring Scott, Danny Ott & Bruce Borden, they get rave reviews wherever they play. Click on the SOB link above and read all about them. Click on the MP3 link above to hear their unique versions of classic songs.

A Special Note From Scott:
Recently, I released my first single called “I Can’t Find My Dreams”. The song is about the exploding problem of HOMELESS & SUICIDAL VETERANS and how they are returning home to no jobs and losing their homes, hopes and dreams. Watch my YouTube video here: “I Can’t Find My Dreams”.
The song is now available on, iTunes and can be streamed on Spotify (just search my name). For every mp3 sold, I will donate 100 percent of the profits to a homeless veterans support group. I hope you will support me in this effort by sharing the video with your friends and family, asking them to do the same and by buying the mp3, either for yourself or as a gift. Thank you in advance !
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Visit Scott’s Reverbnation page !

Scott plays a Cole Clark Fat Lady guitar.